Because I want to keep experiencing the world
Because I want to keep experiencing the world
Adam Ballenger Yoga & Active Aging Yoga
Adam Ballenger Yoga      &       Active Aging Yoga 

Adam Ballenger & Anusara Yoga

 After many years of practicing yoga, I took the advice of a new friend and went to a yoga class at Arizona Yoga.  This was just near the end of 1998, and almost 20 years later I'm so thankful that I went.  

          The studio was run by Desiree Rumbaugh, and I had never seen or practiced yoga like this.  There was philosophy, alignment, a practice that sometimes changed day to day and at times was repeated and again as the students needed.  

          At first, I was attracted to the intense instruction and technique.  I was also intrigued that for the first time, of all the yoga I had tried up to that point, Anusara spoke about and used illustrations for alignment and movement that looked something like what I had studied in college while studying biomechanics and kinesiology.  The techniques were used to increase safety and help students progress in their practice of asana as well as were often related to deep and wonderful philosophical concepts.  

          Eventually, I had the pleasure of studying, practicing and occasionally assisting John Friend whom I considered a brilliant teacher of yoga.  Over time I came into my personalized style of teaching Anusara Yoga which I continue to evolve to this day.  Today, I continue to weave deep philosophical concepts through almost every class.  And, over the past decade (or more) have taken on the task of weaving modern movement Science (Kinesiology) with the practice of asana.  I rarely teach the principals used by Anusara to advance an asana practice.  I practice more to use sound principals of kinesiology to direct the way I use the Universal Principals of Alignment employed by Anusara Yoga.  My intent is more to improve the quality of daily life activities, including the efficiency and longevity of my physical form, while integrating mindfulness, science, and creativity to enliven all aspects of form.

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