Because I want to keep experiencing the world
Because I want to keep experiencing the world
Adam Ballenger Yoga & Active Aging Yoga
Adam Ballenger Yoga      &       Active Aging Yoga 

I came to Utah in 2003 on the invitation of D'ana Baptist to be part of a great new studio called Centered City Yoga.  This was a great leap of faith for me, to pick up and move to another state I'd never spent much time in, just to be part of a growing yoga community.  It was a great choice!

Catch a class:

Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 9:05 Mornings


Tuesday or Thursday evening at 5:40 Evening

I have rarely taught outside of Centered City, my own studios, or the community centers where I work with seniors and aging populations.  This summer I subbed a couple of classes at "We Are Yoga" and I have to say, it was good.  I'm happy to have added two morning classes at this great studio, located at 2645 East Parleys Way.

Catch a class:

Tuesday or Thursday at 9:30 Mornings

2018 Anusara Yoga Teacher Training begins this November. (click here)

          Kimberly Achelis Hogan and I will be teaching an Anusara Yoga, 100 hour, Teacher Training beginning in November. This is the "How To Teach" & "Teaching Skills", portion of the Anusara 200 hour training. This 6 weekend training is open to anyone who has either finished an Anusara Yoga Immersion or, anyone who has taken an Anusara Yoga Intensive Weekend (of which we will be offering in November as well).

          This workshop is specifically designed to help with teaching skills. You don't have to teach Anusara Yoga with these skills and over the years some of my best graduates have used this training to help them as power yoga teachers, vinyasa yoga teachers, restorative yoga teachers, school teachers and more.

Public Classes

Centered CityYoga, Anusara

Monday & Wed morning at 9:05


Tuesday and Thurs evening at 5:40

 Active Aging Yoga, County Rec Ctrs.  

Monday & Wed 11:45

SLC Sports Complex


Tues & Thur 11:30

Millcreek Senior Ctr



We Are Yoga, Anusara

Tuesdays and Thursday, at 9:30 .

     It became apparent to me many years ago that there are many different ways to do yoga and be yogic.  It also became obvious to me that within the variety of yoga trends, based on ancient yoga teachings, it could be easy to practice in a way that would have very different effects than what I was looking for.  

     When I learned about a strong history of yoga that so deeply focused on mind and/or spirit, beyond the body, in essence a mind over body philosophy, I began to notice how much modern physical yoga still took its roots from a mind over body philosophy. It wasn't untill I had practiced what I thought was a mind and body practice, with some physical injuries, that I began to notice the disconnect.  What I had been practicing was essentially, practicing to disconnect.

     Now, I've taken what I believe to be traditional yoga intentions and philosophies that are based more directly on creating a concious connection and mingled these with more and more evolving science and techknology in order to build a more functional and beautifull relationship with my mind, body and heart. 


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