Because I want to keep experiencing the world
Because I want to keep experiencing the world
Adam Ballenger Yoga & Active Aging Yoga
Adam Ballenger Yoga      &       Active Aging Yoga 

2018 SLC Immersion, Begins June 8th

Teaching Yoga for Seniors, July 12-13, Park City,

The Art of Meditation, Teach & Practice, July 14-15, Park City, 

How you do it matters.

     It's easy in a public class to get moving and begin to feel great.  Much like jogging, once you get going it can feel really good.  Sometimes it's the next day or even years after that you begin to notice how you've ben practicing can creat some in-intended wear and tear. 

     As we age, our joints take wear and tear differently than our muscles.  The older we get, the more wisdom can help us stay active.

Have you been a student?

     If you've been doing yoga for your body, have you also become a student of your body?  The same could be asked about your mind or heart.  

     With almost everything in life, knowing more about what your are practicing with or for can change the outcome of your practice.  

     Want a better practice, become a better student.



Public Classes

Centered CityYoga Anusara

Monday & Wed morning at 9:05


Tuesday and Thurs evening at 5:40

County Rec Ctrs.  Active Aging Yoga

Monday & Wed 11:45

SLC Sports Complex


Tues & Thur 11:15

Millcreek Senior Ctr



     It became apparent to me many years ago that there are many different ways to do yoga and be yogic.  It also became obvious to me that within the variety of yoga trends, based on ancient yoga teachings, it could be easy to practice in a way that would have very different effects than what I was looking for.  

     When I learned about a strong history of yoga that so deeply focused on mind and/or spirit, beyond the body, in essence a mind over body philosophy, I began to notice how much modern physical yoga still took its roots from a mind over body philosophy. It wasn't untill I had practiced what I thought was a mind and body practice, with some physical injuries, that I began to notice the disconnect.  What I had been practicing was essentially, practicing to disconnect.

     Now, I've taken what I believe to be traditional yoga intentions and philosophies that are based more directly on creating a concious connection and mingled these with more and more evolving science and techknology in order to build a more functional and beautifull relationship with my mind, body and heart. 


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